Business Analysis

As organisations become increasingly more reliant on technology, the need for both the business and IT to communicate and work together has never been greater. Even in this age of digital and technology savvy organisations, time and time again, we still hear clients describe business teams and IT as if they were two separate entities, often at odds with each other.

Our business analysis services are designed to bring business and IT even closer together. Our business analysts (BAs) are experts at identifying and understanding your business needs to find solutions for your business and technology challenges.

At DCS we find that alignment of business and IT goals is critical to success and working in harmony. New ways of working and methods such as agile or DevOps can be very useful at bringing business and IT together through organisational structure, process and culture. But, having experienced business analysts can also bring a holistic perspective to the complexities of any business and IT initiative and help align teams to common goals and purpose.

Our business analysis approach starts with understanding and analysing your business and specific needs, then identifying pain points and opportunities and translating this in ways that make sense to business users, but are also technical enough for IT to design and implement:

  • Understand your organisation – who you are, what you do and how you do it
  • Speak with key players and evaluate day-to-day processes and systems
  • Identify pain points and opportunities for improvement
  • Articulate complex processes and systems in ways that are easier to understand
  • Take a customer or user experience view point on interactions, processes and systems – human centred design, user personas and user stories
  • Understand how technology can be integrated into your organisation
  • Support technical leads and developers by providing functional clarification and setting expectations of business needs

At DCS we believe business analysis is the foundation for good process and technology design and planning. Without a comprehensive understanding of the business need, it is unlikely an appropriate solution will be delivered. We provide business analysis services tailored to each of our clients in order to deliver the most effective solutions. Our experts will work closely with you and your team and take the time to get to know you and your organisation, whether it be the enterprise or only one function or a specific issue or complex project.

Our business analysis (BA) services

  • Facilitating the alignment of business goals to IT deliverables
  • Managing requirements and analysis throughout the systems development lifecycle
  • Use case and persona development
  • Business process modelling
  • Project business alignment and scope review
  • Project business alignment and scope review
  • Business analysis training and capability uplift
  • RFP development, management and evaluation support

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