Cash Flow & Profit

A cash flow and profit forecast enables the business to have a better understanding of the cash requirements, identify how profitable the business will be, and to set clear business performance targets. The most valuable outcome from this tool, is that it will empower the business to make a smarter, quicker, and well informed decisions.

Small and medium sized businesses are risk averse. As a result, profitable activities can be delayed or discouraged due to associated or perceived risks. This can leaving you one step behind your competitor. Through forecasting you can identify the future benefits and cash flow from investment activities, minimising the risks involved.

Our Service Benefits

  • accurate, realistic and flexible forecasts
  • the ability to have multiple scenarios built to establish cash requirements
  • forecasts that are inclusive of change in customers or customer behaviours, identify whether you can realistically fulfil requirements without over trading or damaging your existing business
  • assist the business understand the financials and be able to confidently discuss them with key stakeholders such banks and investors

Tomorrow’s cash flow is today’s sales.

With accurate, realistic and flexible forecasting, multiple scenarios can be created to establish cash requirements, helping you build profitable strategies for your business.

We will support your business to gain control and encourage you to

  • Spend less time in the business and more time on the business.
  • Be able to look forward and understand the cash position and profitability of the business.
  • Have realistic, accurate and flexible cash flow and profit forecasts so that they can readily evaluate how the business is performing.
  • Have sound financial information from which they can develop strategies to grow the business profitably.

Let us provide the forecasts and insights that will help you confidently develop strategies that will grow your business profitably.

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