Strategy Development

Our strategy development approach and value

Good strategy is hard to formulate as it requires research and time to prepare and is developed over a series of discussions; not just a once a year “strategy day”.

We commonly find the basics of strategy development are overlooked:

  • Prepared approach and timing that fits with the operating rhythm and existing meetings of the organisation
  • Rigorous analysis, evidence and research to back up thinking or assumptions on the market or competitors
  • Confident facilitation and pushing to the “so what?” of a strategy discussion
  • Upfront clarity on decisions to make and agreeing further work to be done

There are a variety of strategic planning frameworks and tools that can help draw out the right strategies and the provide much needed structure to the outputs from discussions and analysis. Our strategy development framework is simple, but effective with a big emphasis on the communication of the strategy to the workforce ensuring everyone understands how their day-to-day actions contribute to the delivery of the organisational strategy.

Our clients value this pragmatic and back to basics approach to strategy development that brings a leadership team together with consensus and conviction to deliver on the strategy rather than having a fancy paper strategy that’s un-compelling and unsupported.

Our strategy development services

We offer a broad range of strategy development services tailored to the needs of your organisation or situation:

  • Strategy discussion facilitation
  • Market and competitor research
  • Market and competitor research
  • Business model design
  • Growth and innovation identification

We bring insights, ideas, methods and experience to help you craft winning strategies.

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